Ender 3 pro refuses firmware update

I have a new mainboard installed in my ender 3 pro (V4.2.7) and I want to do creality’s firmware update on it.
So I downloaded their update and put the bin file of that on the sd card, inserted the card in the printer and then set it up as mentioned in the many videos on youtube.
My ender 3 pro just boots up but nothing happens and the original firmware remains on it.
I’ve already found that you have to change the name to firmware.bin and then try again but that doesn’t help, also some mention that you have to do this with the original sd card but I don’t have that anymore.
The card is formatted FAT32 format and 4096 allocation size.
How to do it now

problem solved

Hello @werner

Glad you figured it out.
What was wrong…?
Someone else might be stuck… :cry:

I had 3 sd cards of mine that it didn’t work with, I borrowed one from my son and it worked with that immediately

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