Ender 3 Pro with 4.2.7 board and sprite head not centered on the plate

I installed a Sprite head and ever since them it has not been centered on the plate. Then I added a 4.2.7 board. how do I get it back to center?

I have a Ender 3 Pro with 4.2.7 board, Sprite head, and glass build plate. I also updated the firmware to the 4.2.7 board with the sprite head.

Please help me out I just want to be able to print again.

Also I cant get the z offset to the right distance to the bed.

Hi @Dodgetow and welcome to the forums.

You will need to alter the offsets in the printer settings as the sprite head has a different positioning to the stock printhead.

Hopefully this video should help you out…

How To Install the Creality Sprite Pro Extruder Upgrade