Ender-3 S1 just crashing

I have an ender 3 S1 that I have had for a couple of years. Once I kind of learned the machine, I typically had satisfying results.

Recently, I bough a model with numerous files, and began printing them. The first four or five were all flawless, no issues. The 6th was super flakey, the print would just get up to temp and then do nothing, just sit there at temp, doing nothing further. Sometimes I could cancel the print, sometime it was like a hard lock up, I would have to just shut it off with the power switch.
After perhaps four attempts, and slicing and copying the file again, the printer ground the head in the table, such that I had to shut it down again with the power.
Following, it’s homing was WAY off, it would crash the head or grind in X, etc.
I worked to get the Z offset dialed back in, and seemingly succeeded, but obviously something was still wrong.
I have a manual bed leveling print I run, and although it seemed like the head was placed right, the prints wouldnt stick.
Now it’s at a point, where it won’t even finish the bedleveling job. The print moves the head to the corners of the bed twice, and then prints a 1 layer skirt of 5 or 6 passes and then circles at 5 points inside, just wouldnt adhere, even though the manual adjustment at the start with a piece of printer paper, seemed set well.
I have run the auto be leveling 2-3 times, seems to go through it normally, still no joy.
Now it’s at the point where it will go through the manual paper test part of the level print, but then it might just stop there and never do the actual print, or after like a minutes long delay, it will just grind the head into the bed!

I am at a loss.

What happened and what should I be looking to do?

Thank you.