Ender-3 S1 Plus 3D Printer Problem

Good morning:
This morning when I woke up I found the printer in this condition. Attached pictures.

After seeing what could have happened, I see that it was the motor that moves the head horizontally that was blocked. This motor has failed and as a result the printer has continued to supply plastic and as a result has left the print head completely unusable. The plastic has melted around the electrical connections and is impossible to remove without breaking the wires.

I have opened a claim and what they do is delay me by asking me to do checks over and over again with the sole purpose of not sending me the parts that have been damaged.

The printer is only 10 months old.

This is the second failure it has had. In the first one they acted the same. They were asking me to do tests and tests so as not to send me a piece that in the end I had to buy myself. It cost less than €5

I’m sorry to say that the supposed guarantee they give is totally false.

If the printer breaks down, all they tell you is to do tests and more tests and they NEVER send you any replacement parts.

I will never buy a printer from this brand again.


Hello @Benito_Vazquez_Carba and Welcome to the Creality Forum Creality

Sorry this happened and you couldn’t get it fixed.

It does look like to me that the hot end was not tightened properly and the melted plastic came out of the hot end instead of the nozzle.

The problem is that the engine that has to move the head broke down. But the printer kept sending plastic to melt. And as the head could not move because the engine was damaged, the plastic began to accumulate on the last thing that was printed. And as it continued sending plastic it began to climb and place around the extruder.

I understand. I wonder why that motor keeps failing… :thinking:

That’s what I would like to know