Ender 3 s1 plus need Z offset greater than 12mm

I have an ender 3 s1 plus which has worked well. I had a problem which built up a lot of waste filament around the nozzle. I cleared it up and put a new nozzle in it. (One from a set I had bought earlier ) but now the z offset is massive well over 15 mm. I had done nothing else. Automatic levelling seems to work but printing still doesn’t work but drops filament from a good height. Aux levelling allows me to adjust the 2,3,4,and 5 setting but I cannot get 1 anywhere near where it needs to be. Any ideas please?

Are you saying that the Auto Z offset is placing the head 15mm above the print bed? That’s absolutely massive 1/2 inch!

So even if you manually adjust the Z offset in the Nebula pad you can’t get it down to the bed?

Does the probe make contact with the bed itself?

I don’t have an S1 I have a KE but I can’t image their that much different. I also am not familiar with the “2, 3, 4 and 5 setting…”

If I had to guess I would say maybe a bad CR touch. I actually think that’s a problem for me too because the Z offset is always at least 1mm too high and I the filament wont’ even stick.

I’m currently experiencing my own (major) issue which started when I swapped filaments of all things. Same exact specs just a different color from same manufacturer. Can’t make a single print now without it failing so I feel your frustration.

Hi Lensman,
The probe does touch the bed and the auto leveling does appear to work fine but the nozzle still ends up way above the bed. The 2,3,4 and 5 refer to the 4 corners of the bed. I can’t get the bed up high enough to trap a sheet of paper. A long way off for all of them. I thought that the springs had become weak and bought some of the silicone rubber ones but they are a lot shorter than the springs. Don’t know what the Nebula pad is. I can adjust the z offset and have done it on several occasions but now this is useless as it only allows adjustment between -5 mm and +5 mm. With the machine off I can lower the z level to make the nozzle touch the bed so it’s not the physical distance limiting it. On this machine there is no z limit switch.

When I had a problem with the feed gears grinding I was going to get new ones. When I searched I found that a complete extruder including the wheels and cable were only about GBP12 more than a new set of gears. Although this was supposed to be for my machine the carriage for the wheels was different and it would not trigger the x microswitch. So I fitted the extruder to the old carriage. I had printed out at least 12 items with this setup and it worked fine. Then when I set a print up it completely messed up the nozzle area. So I took the extruder off, cleaned it up and put a new nozzle in. That’s when all the trouble started. I posted here and did a lot of searches without success. So I decided to modify the new carriage so it would trigger the x switch. Putting it all together I found that the bed leveling could just be done with the springs almost fully slackened off. So I started a small test print but guess what the nozzle started to gouge the bed as soon as it started the first line. I have had to adjust the z offset several times and done auxiliary (manual ) bed leveling and now it seems to have settled down. So I have no idea what happened and what has reversed the problem. :roll_eyes: