Ender 3 s1 pro adjustable hotend fan speed?

Just recieved my s1 pro ans luv it! However after becoming tired of doing ‘fan mods’ im curious to know if their is a way of adjusting the hotend fan speed?

I notice the fan will knock on and off before and after a print so their must be some way of controlling it no? Im giessing its a pwm fan also?

Cant fond any setting in the menus or via a slicer, is thier a way to achieve this on the firmware?

Any help would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Usually there is some kind of setting in the slicer under cooling or other section. What slicer are you using…?

Usually the fans are slowed down by the slicer at first layer or so to help with adhesion… If you are not having problems with the print I would leave the settings as they are…

Yes, they is a settting to change the part cooling fan (creality slicer) however nothing for the hotend fan.
I want to reduce the fan speed as it is unnecessarily fast and makes a lot of noise…

You should not mess with the heatbreak fan, the heatbreak fan must be running at all times to regulate the heat of the hotend. If you alter the operation of this fan you run the risk of damaging your hotend or causing possible thermal runaway. Please do not try to disable a heatbreak fan.

Its fine i usually run lower speed fans as the stock ones (the extremely loud ones) they are unnecessary unless your printing exotic materials.
Im trying a way to lower the speed of the stock for the materials i print because i cant find a quiet blower style fan… i also dont want to start ‘modding’ the whole extruder.

Surely their is a way?

If you are trying to control the part cooling fan then you should be able to do this via the slicer as there are usually options to specify the fan speeds etc in the cooling options of most slicers.

For example OrcaSlicer::