Ender 3 S1 Pro bed levelling issues after firmware update

I recently purchased an Ender 3 S1 Pro, and it was all good in the assembling and initial setup. I managed to get 4 or 5 good prints, but after I updated the firmware (machine and screen) the printer started to have all sorts of issues from bed levelling, bed adhesion to the print bed or hot end trying to go past the rail limit making a loud noise.

I understand 3D printing requires a lot of tweaking and adjustments, but now I’ve got to the point where I spent most of the time researching for a solution, and not printing at all.

I have manually levelled the bed, run the ABL, checked all moving parts and reset to factory settings but nothing seems to solve the issues. I suspect the issue starts after running the ABL. It somehow messes up with the mesh creating all these problems.

I hope someone here has a tip and/or solution to get the printer back to a usable state.


Hey Rodrigo,

This sounds like you may have accidentally downloaded the incorrect firmware for the board in your S1 Pro as there are 2 different mainboards used. You have to be certain to get the correct one. Open the bottom of your unit and look for the model number info on the PCB and then check if that is the version you used.

If not just grab to version that matches your mainboard, reflash and try again.

I hope this helps you get it back up and printing.

Hi @WireHedd ,

I’ve double-checked my mainboard, which is an F4, and unfortunately it is not it. Anyway, reinstalled, reflashed, etc, but the ABL process seems to be misreading the bed level.

The nozzle is almost even in all 5 points when I’m done with the Manual bed leveling. But after the ABL, the nozzle runs too low basically scraping against the print bed (usually on the left side of the bed), and in some areas it doen’t even touch the bed (usually back right of the bed) causing not filament adhesion.

I suspect the CR touch is not working properly.

I agree. It sounds like the touch is not registering properly otherwise the bed levelling settings should be retained.

Time to grab a replacement touch unit to swap out and try again. Not a huge job and not expensive but it may be the best solution.

Hope you get it solved.

I know this may sound a bit odd but I found a small tolerance issue with the gantry when I was attaching it to an S1 Pro and looking back I recall my concern was that the issues you’re having may have resulted.

A small touch of a metal file to lightly deburr one of the mount holes and everything fit like it should but it is a consideration with the issues you’re having.

My next guess would be to check the mounts on the actual gantry of your unit (loosen and then adjust a bit and retighten) and see if that has any effect at all.

As Sherlock Holmes says “Once you eliminate the impossible whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”