Ender-3 S1 Pro Z Offset Reference Point

The Z Offset while printing seems to be referenced to the Level Sensor.
What reference is used for Z Offset during Aux Level operation?
I want to lower the bed a few millimetres to increase the pressure on the springs, but the Aux Level Z Offset adjustment will not go below - 5.00. Can I change the reference point?

Adjust the touch probe up or down depending on your needs, probe should be 2-3 mm lower then your nozzle when it activates

Of course! Silly me. The reference point for the Aux Level operation is the point that the probe finds when you select Settings / Levelling. So it is possible to adjust by more than 2 mm while keeping the bed level, you just have to do it in steps of 2 mm or less.

You said: “Adjust the probe…”. How do I do that?

Move it up or down. On the braket . If your having to go over 5mm the prob is too low the length of the pin itself is around 6mm meaning when printing the probe will potentially hit your model as it prints

The bracket that holds the level probe on my printer is not adjustable.

The offset is the difference between the probe activation point and the nozzle. The metal probe itself is 6mm from memory with a mm or two before the optical sensor activates therefore if you need more then 5mm there is an problem, the base is the activation of the probe that becomes zero. Then the offset is where the nozzle is.

I’m also having a problem with the CR touch being slightly below the nozzle when fully retracted so that it drags on the build plate. There is no adjustment on the sensor bracket position. I had installed the Creality all metal hot end kit. I compared the dimensions of the kit parts to the original and they are identical. I can’t find what’s changed. Any thoughts other than modification of the sensor mount?

Thank you for your advice. I don’t actually need to move the level sensor.
I had just misunderstood what was happening during the Aux Level procedure.
It is now clear that if the level adjusting wheels are moved, the reference point for the Z Offset distance is no longer valid for printing. After the bed has been levelled, it is necessary to run the Aux Level procedure again to get the correct Z Offset to use during printing.

I am not sure what is in the all metal hot end kit, but I think my Ender-3 S1 Pro already has it. The level sendor is fixed in position and not adjustable, but I notice that there is a substantial gap between the nozzle heater block and the bottom of the head. Is it possible that you have some spacers missing?

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