Ender 3 S1 Upgrade and Wiring Overhaul

I purchased an Ender 3 S1 just under 2 years ago, machine worked good, but I wanted that upgrade of a new MOBO, TouchScreen, Filament Sensor, with some enhancements to the extruder (NathanBuildsRobots control board).

Began pulling this and that, and before you know it, the only thing left installed in the base, is the power supply.

My Goal is this:

Perform a total rewire of all components and run to an external control box where the main board will reside. I am currently 3D printing a mini itx model. The back panel will be where all the twist lock connectors will reside.

I would like to add one feature to the front of this new box. I want to install small round colored 2.5v LED’s into the circuitry.
IE: when the HotEnd is on and heating up, there is a small LED on the main board, but this indicator is hidden within the mini itx box.
I want to install a colored LED to the front of the mini box which will now show me the hotend is ON and heating up. Eventually all functions (XYZE motor movements, endstop switches activation, fans 1,2,3, etc) will have a corresponding colored LED that will light up whenever voltage is sensed on that circuit.

But I am not an electrical engineer, but I am not afraid of learning.
I am fairly certain voltage resistors will be needed, installed onto a board, but anything else I am not sure of.
I have already purchased some items, such as an adjustable power supply (120v to an adjustable 0-36v max). Varying push button switches, colored LED’s, and a breadboard where I can test different options before putting one into action.

My question is this??? Is there something I need to consider in this feature build?

Any and ALL recommendations, ideas, constructive criticisms will be welcomed and appreciated.

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