Ender 3 v2 NEO is not being reckognised by W10 PRO

Hello everyone
I today installed the newly purchased printer. I wanted it connected to the pc downstairs so that I don’t have to insert the SD card every time I want to print. I installed the appropriate CH340 driver and can confirm it is visible in the system. However, when I want to add the printer to the printer system in windows and I have windows look for the new device, it doesn’t find it.
I also noticed that, when the pc is turned of and the usb cable is linking both systems, the display of the printer is turned on (which in my opinion is quite strange) even when the printer itself is turned off ???

How can I add the printer to the windows system in such way that it will appear in my list of installed printers on the pc??

Tks + b rgds

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Hi @gvannauw and welcome to the forums.

3D printers do not work the same way as a normal printer, the drivers for 3D printers do not work in a way that allows you to add a 3D printer as a printer within Windows as Windows has no way of knowing how to operate a 3D printer or communicate with it.

If you want to make your printer remotely accessible without the need to use an SD card then you would need to look at setting up Octoprint on a Raspberry Pi.

It is also completely normal for the screen to illuminate when connecting a USB cable to a powered on PC/laptop as 5v is being fed down the USB cable.

thank you.
I sorted out the automatic power on when usb is connected by removing the wire on pin1 on both ends of the cable.
For as far as octoprint is concerned, it now works flawlessly with the web interface from any computer in the local network …

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Glad to hear you managed to get everything working properly and as you hoped :slight_smile: Happy printing! :slight_smile: