Ender 3 V2 Neo not able to complete back to back prints

Hey guys, I have a question. On the Ender 3 v2 Neo, can’t get it do multiple prints. We printed the test rabbit and it came out great, but then we tried to print something else, ( a file we downloaded), but we’re having trouble with the filament. Cleaned heat bed and added more adhesive and we can’t get it to lay solid base for the print. not sure if its a temperature issue with the bed or the nozzle head. if anyone has any tips or suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I just want to say how awesome this community has been with us as newbies you guys has been very welcoming and super helpful. Thank you nikoli for tip and the wires. It worked!


You’ll probably need to check the nozzle distance from the bed. If it’s not laying down properly or won’t stick it’s usually means the bed is not level or the nozzle is too far away… Try calibrating again and check those things…
Clean the bed again also after using all that adhesive…

@jimandyen thank you for the tip. We will try the to calibrate again. Sounds like that could very well be the issue.

ok dont use glue, especially with PLA its really not required.
clean the bed.
treat the bed with care, let the bed cool down before removing the model, if the printer is setup correctly models should come off quite easily, you shouldn’t need to use force to remove it, if you do then the bed gets moved and you may need to level again .

What @Shane is important…!

If I might add that sometimes filament is “wet” and could cause problems. Everything prints good and then you switch filament and :cry:

Also what temps are you using…?