Ender 3 v2 neo, will not auto home

Just unboxed new printer. Newbie here. Assembly seemed to go smoothly, but print head does not move more than an inch. ideas??

Watch the video:
Ender - 3 V2 Neo Assembly & Tutorial Video

Service tutorial Ender - 3 V2 Neo leveling and printing

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I used the first video to set up my ender 3 v2 neo. I watched both several times. The reset did not appear to do anything. Problem cont unchanged.
I am not able to change any xyz setting. It goes right to autohome but does not home or move more than 1"

Troubleshooting problems please take a video to see? or ask for help from the official after-sales service.

when i go to prepare: it does not give me options to adjust x,y,z . It goes right to " autohome" but it does not probe or autohome