Ender 3 V2 Nozzle Tempertaure Reduces in Home Position

Hello, my ender 3 V2 recently has started dropping temperature. If the nozzle is in the air it heats up to 245C fine. When I hit the auto home on the display it moves to the home position just fine but then the temperature slowly drops to around 235- 238C before giving me a temperature too low warning. If I turn on the machine with the nozzle in the auto home position and try preheating the nozzle it will only get up to 235*C. I have checked the screw holding the thermisistor in place and it is tight. All the screws are tight.
On a side note this is the 3rd thermisitor in just over a year of ownership. It was replaced about a month ago and worked fine yesterday so I do not think it is the thermisitor at all. Perhaps a firmware issue has developed?
The heater plug measures at 13.1 Ohms so that should be fine. For some reason I also go through an extraordinary amount of Capricorn tubing as well. Just over 8 meters in the last year.

The only upgrades I have done are a metal creality extruder upgrade and the Capricorn tubing.

Any help on how to fix this?