Ender 3 v3 with Creality Print 5.0- Can't find Gcode offset

I am new to Creality ender. Am trying to make some adjustment to Z offset. On the touch pad, it says that Z offset can only be changed in print.
I tried to locate that in Creality Print v5.0, the screens seems to be very different from some of the screenshot I have seen in this forum regarding Gcode Offset. Till now I still can’t find the experimental option. Anyone can help ?

Hi in v5 it’s in the machine settings you have to enable the advanced settings

Hi, where can I find the machine settings? I looked under Device but don’t seems to be able to find that. Attached is the screen I am seeing for V5

press the first icon along the top

then press the edit button next to the printer name

then toggle the advance setting

then its at the bottom of the printable settings

Found it. Thanks a million.

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