Ender-3 V3 CoreXZ... CURA cannot connect via WiFi (WLAN)

I did not see any connectivity posts for the Ender3/3 CoreXZ so here we go.

Creality Print works fine… static local IP …all good. CURA on the other hand “The printer at this address has not responded yet.” then “Could not connect to device.”

Any workarounds/tips/advice are greatly appreciated.


Quick look on the Ultimaker forum “Printing over network is only working for Ultimaker printers” perhaps that is why? Could you save the gcode locally and drag’n’drop into a web-browser to that IP address. Its the workaround that I use for the Sonic Pad which won’t connect to Creality Print with 2 printers.

Good point… I’m prepped, locked and loaded. I’ll give it a go as soon as the print that’s on the machine is finished …and, report back

Still a NO GO…

Local web page brings up this webpage…

Now, look at the Network… The Creality Ender 3 V3 XZ is listed as an Ethernet Connection and NOT a WiFi connection

That Creality Print webpage indicates 1 of 3, what do the other 2 look like. I should imagine 1 of them will be looking at gcode and macros and the last one might have the files page where you would drop/load/import your gcode. Strange that yours is on 3 pages where mine is a scroll thru a single page (might be because of my Sonic Pad but I am sure neh positive the Nebula pad on my KE is a scroll through too. Browser dependent perhaps? I use Opera).

Not sure on the WiFi showing up as ethernet.

There is extensive information listed at local… however, there are no macros or G-code listed.

The G-code is…

Start G-code
M140 S0
M104 S0

G92 E0

G1 F200 E3

G92 E0

End G-code

I connected to another router and again… local lists the interface as an Ethernet Connection and NOT WiFi (WLAN). My gut is telling me… therein lies the problem.

No section called File List?

No, it lists Files… as in the File History of all the Models I have already printed without any G-code listed. If in print mode with the Model file loaded I then have access to the G-code for that Model. The other pages at local are Bed Mesh, Monitoring, Camera, Temperature etc., with no macros or G-code listed.

I’m thinking about re-configuring my network… there are three (3) routers here … one (1) primary and two (2) access points. Hmmmmm… I’m going to turn off my Ethernet connection on the workstation and connect it via Wifi.

So no add or import on the Files bit? Creality Print on my KE I have to import but on the Sonic Pad I cut’n’paste. Trying to cut’n’paste on my KE throws a page of gibberish. On both it keeps a file list of all the prints I have run, which I must get round to emptying.

Oh Yeah! I’ve got to visit the Delete key here and get rid of 20/30 gigs of crap.
So, I turned off the Access Points, ran around the house and killed the ethernet connections and booted wifi. All machines are now interfaced on the network as WiFi connections… with the exception of the Ender3 V3 XZ …which still has an interface of Ethernet.! MOTHERBANGER!!!

OK… more later. It’s Jazz Fest here in New Orleans and my house is full of interlopers. Time to BLAST the Young Rascals ‘It’s A Beautiful Morning’ through the vintage Marantz 2275 and Klipsch Horn speakers and wake the Neighborhood up!

Happy Jazz Fest. Anyway on your files page you might find an expand button, this will bring up all the files and you can then check all and delete all at once, much easier than doing one at a time.

OK… Found it, Had to identify the port, i.e., Once directed to the port all information that Bonfireman referenced was available.
Thank You Bonfireman!

Glad you got it working, not personally had to add the port number on any printer. Have had a cloud issue with having the same WIFI SSID as the user login, changed the SSID and all sorted. Those little annoying things.