Ender 3 V3 crashes the toolhead into the bed on setup

Hi all,

hoping to talk to a Creality staff member about this issue.

When the printer starts up and gets to the stage where it starts doing a self-diagnostic i got a serious problem. The printer started the Input Shaping part of the self-diagnostic and lowered the toolhead quite quickly straight down into the heated bed. This resulted in big chucks being taken out of the bed although the toolhead seems fine.

I realised soon after that i hadn’t connected the limit switch cable. In a situation like that i would have expected the printer to throw an error on the screen and stopped its diagnostic instead of damaging itself.

Hopefully you can fix this in the firmware so the same thing doesn’t happen to anyone else.

I’ll need to buy a new PEI print surface now.



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I had this issue and found that the sensor wire, paired with one of the z motors had disconnected. The wire is almost too short so I had to free it up slightly to even keep the wire from disconnecting.