Ender 3 V3 Elephant foot at 2. Print

Got my V3 Today.

Took half a day to reach that Point:

Seems there is for now not a replacement to get ( just k1/kc hotend, but not the heatsink)

Did somebody had the same issue ?

Guess i‘ll spend the Night Break everything down and try to get it clean. Thought elephant foot was a thing of the past.

Contact creality after sales, my issue was worse than that and I needed the circuit board for the printhead. They had the parts to me in a week
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Happens again

And again and again

the camera wont detect anything and the print would not stay at the bead wether using isoprop to clean or using the glue stick nor the spray. i dont know what to do else until yesterday the prints were like weldet to the plate and today at 10-15 layers you can see the print loosing contact. the hotend is now completly fu**** up.

For it to keep happening you have a leak somewhere either it hasn’t been assembled properly or manufacturing issue.