Ender 3 V3 - Error 2000 and 2022


I purchased an Ender 3 V3 a couple months ago and everything has been working fine until recently. I can get prints to start, but 98% of the time quickly receive an error 2000… not always in the same spot during printing. Restarting the machine doesn’t fix the issue.

I’ve also tried running the self test and have noticed that I am getting an Error 2022 and the Z axis movement starts grinding before the printer halts operation. I tried adding lube to the metal poles, but this didn’t seem to help much.

I’ve been trying to look up solutions to this; however, haven’t found anything specific to the Ender 3v3.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix these issues? I think error 2000 may be a faulty motherboard, but am not sure about the 2022 errors.

I ended up:

  • Adding even more more lube to all of the metal rods
  • Cleaned a tiny bit of pet hair that was on the edges of each side of the cross bar
  • Re-calibrated the belts

It took a lot of tinkering and self tests, but have managed to resolve the problem for now with the above steps and have completed a few large prints.

Hopefully anyone else that runs into this issue can see the steps I took.

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