Ender 3 V3 KE and creality printer setup problems

Creality does not have a printer config icon for the Ender 3 V3 KE nor a way to find the printer with an IP address. What can I do to make it available via wifi?

In the settings from the touchpad you should be able to find your network and enter your network password, it will give you your IP address then once it has done its handshake you are all set until you reboot the printer, wherein the IP address will possibly change. My only criticism of all of my Ender printers is that you can’t give them a fixed IP address, they are more dynamic than a cat with a rocket up their ****.

The software found the printer. But when I checked the box for the printer and press add a checkbox goes away. Sometimes it sends the print to the printer and more oftent it does not. It’s a little bit frustrating. Thanks for your response.

To prevent the printer address from changing, configure your home router. In the router settings, find the section DHCP and assign a static address to your printer. After this, the printer address will be permanent

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On a normal router perhaps, but the one supplied by Sky TV is a little stilted and that doesn’t work.

I am curious why you would need a static IP address? Is your slicer having problems finding the printer?

For some reason, my slicer couldn’t find my printer on the network. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. But when I plugged in an IP address on another slicer, the printer wasn’t recognized. I just received the printer three or four days ago so I’m still working out some of the rough edges of my understanding.

Yes that is why I prefer fixed or assigned addresses. Try and find a dynamic address at random from a web browser. same problem at work trying to get people to access printers.

I would agree in a business environment. And you mentioned printers (plural), again I would agree.

I have a wonky network, DHCP on wired and another DHCP for the MESH wifi, it works, I’ve tried changing it, it breaks so I shall just leave it be with 2 DHCP servers. I wish I could give 3 printers fixed IP addresses to simplify my life.

Are you running a managed switch with two vlan’s, wired and wifi?
If you are running two DHCP servers on the same subnet you will run into problems as there should only be one DHCP server leasing out IP addresses.

I am not having a problem with ip addresses. The address has remained the same I just was unfamiliar with Creality printer software. Thanks for the imput.

The wired gives out address like 192.168.0.nn it gives the WIFI an address. The WIFI 6 MESH gives out addresses on 192.168.68.nn which it handles. All are on the same subnet mask. For whatever reason it works and I am not changing it. Just wish that I could give the Enders a static IP address. Ideally I would change the router to be just a modem, but there are wired connections too. It works if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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I’ve noted that I can’t get my Enders to connect on my Sonic Pad, it sees them, it knows they are there giving me all the credentials but won’t add them to Creality Print.