Ender 3 v3 KE failed mid-print

I just finished a 23 hour print this morning that went perfectly. I changed nothing except I cleaned the bed. Then I went to print the next part of the item I am making and it got 37 minutes into the print and then I heard it scraping across the print bed. There is a small blob of melted filament on the model and then a bunch of strings where it continued trying to print in mid-air.

I realize this may just be an anomaly, and I am happy to just start the print again and see, but I am very new to using a FDM printer and wanted to ask if anyone had a recommendation before I do so.

I am using Elegoo PLA. The exact same filament I used for the 23 hour print.

Thank you.

From what you described either the print came loose from the print bed or there was a clog.
If the print came loose clean the bed, let auto leveling run again and adjust the Z-offset until the first layer is perfect. If the print has little contact surface add a brim or even more support structures that hold it down.

That makes sense. I should have thought of that. I reprinted and changed the adhesion settings and it worked great. Thanks!