Ender 3 V3 KE Nozzle Temperature Constant Rise Issue

I am having an issue with my Ender 3 v3 KE after an unfortunate extruder blob issue.

I was able to clean the blob up, but started to get Error 3000 and Error 2092.

The nozzle temperature would continue to rise on start up until smoke started coming out of the extruder hole.

I replaced the hot end kit with a new one but now I noticed that the issue seems to be that the nozzle temperature continues to constantly rise.

I tried to set the nozzle temperature to 240 on start up but the monitor recognized it was at 240 but continued to rise by itself.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this issue?

I cannot find anything online.

Hi @RedDeath15 and welcome to the forum,

It sounds like you may have either a faulty thermistor or the thermistor connection has come loose from the mainboard. I would recommend checking over all your cabling to be sure nothing has come loose.