Ender 3 V3 SE Heating Fault

Ukay lets start from the beginning, my ender 3 v3 se went in to meltdown and printed PLA upwards from the nozle all the way UP to the heater block without going in to meltdown and sounding the alarm

Now i have repaired and removed the 3 ton of pla and put the printer back together. But now when i go to heat the nozle the screen turns off and the printer restarts…
Any help will be trully grateful and Thanks in advance just for looking and having a laugh at those pic’s


Wow. That’s crazy. Looks like a bomb went off there…

I am having trouble with my v3 se as well. did you reach out to customer service? I have tried twice and they haven’t responded.

Did you get this resolved? I had a similar situation and I’m hoping that I hear back from the company soon.

Check that you haven’t broken either the heater or the thermistor wires. I had that problem a couple of times on my Ender 5+, I now keep a couple of spares available. Almost treat them as consumables just like you would nozzles.