Ender 3 V3 SE - Replacment PC Spring Steel Sheet

Is there anywhere in the UK that sells a replacement PC spring steel sheet for the Ender 3 V3 SE, Creality don’t sell any on there UK websites and the only I’ve been able to find is on Amazon.com’s Creality shop?

I’m asking as I’ve already got some marks on it due to stubborn PLA and if it gets damaged (i.e. scratches) I’d like to have a spare on hand.

I’m answering my own question, after some googling found one on Amazon.co.uk


It appears to be the correct size and layout (just missing the text with 220x220mm on it).

Ordering one to see if it fits correctly and I’ll update my post with the results.

Creality UK Store


Sorry for the simple question. I damaged the plate by removing a stubborn model and ordered a new one from creality. This came with no instructions inside, and as a beginner I don’t know why it has 3M adhesive film on the bottom surface. When I mounted the Ender 3V3SE the original did not have this film.
What is needed? Should I remove it?
Where can I find instructions for using it?

Please help me.
Thanks in advance

Hello @Marco_Giani and Welcome to the Creality Forum…! :christmas_tree: :+1:

Can you send a picture of that plate. Looking at the Creality store I’m thinking that is a sticker you remove and it leaves a film to hold the model… ?

Someone else might jump in that has one also…

Here are the photos.

A-B are the photos of the plate that was replaced with the film underneath. photo C is the original plate without.
D-E are the photos of a second smooth plate (compatible with Ender 3V3SE and K1) This too with the adhesive film applied.

I think it should simply be removed but I don’t understand if it is just a protection or if it has other uses.

Thankyou in advance

Some plates are reversible. When you take the film off is it sticky so you can use it to hold your model on…?

No, both have the steel finishing.

Build plates generally come with a thin film of plastic on them to protect them, you should remove the clear film before use.

If your printer already has a grey magnetic pad on the printer hot bed then there is no need to fit the additional magnetic pad.

thankyou very much and happy new year!

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That is not for the 3-v3-se as it is 235x235 we need 220 x 220.
It says in the description on Amazon " Magnetic Flexible Bed 235x235mm"
they list 2 other sizes but they are bigger still so still cant find the right size on UK website… In fact I couldnt find Any spares listed for this machine at all

The build plates are usually 235x235 in size with a printable area of 220x220.