Ender 3 V3 SE says it's printing but it's not

no matter what file I try to print, the printer just dashes through the percentages and says it’s finished just a few seconds after the nozzle is heated to the desired temperature.

Does anyone have an idea of what’s causing the problem?

edit: in case people ask
I did install the firmware 1.0.4 out of creality’s website
The printer displays correctly the printing time and the required filament length
I live in the EU so I switched the voltage to 230V
I tried to use the “extrude” option in the menu, and it made some filament go through the nozzle, meanwhile when I tell the printer to print something, it will not make any filament go through the nozzle

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Hi @yosh_y and welcome to the forums.

Try shortening the filename on your gcode file. It could be that the filename is too long and the printer cant read the file correctly.

Hi @Nikoli and thanks for the reply
sadly, naming my file a.gcode or anything different produces the same effect.
I uploaded a video about what the display shows https://youtu.be/38AjgwJyLkY
if I use prusa slicer or creality print, it will also dash through the printing percentages and say the printing time is zero and required filament is zero (before printing, in the file selection)
meanwhile, if the gcode file was generated in cura, the info in file selection displays properly

If you can, try to connect a PC/Laptop/Raspberry pi to the machine through the USB-C cable with Octoprint. Then upload a file or just send to print from the SD Card.

Then take a look at the Terminal Tab and if we are lucky enough you will see the error code if exist.

Once my printer didn’t want to print too(I have the same model) and the terminal said the error about leveling the bed (you know this printer before almost any operation do the auto home) and that’s why the Mesh of the calibration was empty or at least the Printer thought that.

To solved it I upgraded the firmware to 1.0.6, started from scratch the bed leveling after completion go to Control–> Store configuration and try again.

thanks for the advice!
I’ll try to use octoprint, I’ll post news right after

It’s unfortunate that the firmware 1.0.6 shouts at me “CR Touch problem. Contact customer service” as soon as I power my printer on, that’s why I went back to 1.0.4

octoprint console says this

Recv: echo:busy: processing
Recv:  T:195.34 /195.00 B:50.01 /50.00 @:43 B@:18 FAN0@:0
Communication timeout while printing, trying to trigger response from printer. Configure long running commands or increase communication timeout if that happens regularly on specific commands or long moves.
Send: M27
Recv: Error:!! STOP called because of BLTouch error - restart with M999
Changing monitoring state from "Printing from SD" to "Error"
Send: M112
Send: N2 M112*35
Send: N3 M104 T0 S0*34
Send: N4 M140 S0*97
Changing monitoring state from "Error" to "Offline after error"
Connection closed, closing down monitor

So at the end the firmware 1.0.6 wasn´t faulty, seems like indeed your printer has an issue with the CR Touch. Try to open a case with creality support (you will need a lot of patience) to see if they can send you another part asa a warranty if it is still cover.

Also in the meantime you can double check the connection to the board and see if its just a bad connection/signal between the probe and the board.