Ender 3 v3 SE Support

I recently recieved my Ender 3 v3 SE (i already have an Ender 3 S1 Plus btw).
I’ve been constantly struggling to get it to print since opening the box . Its as though its got a software issue. I downloaded the printers bin file with a view to reflash the printer but it wont even read the file on the SD card , i have tried several SD cards inc the original and used ones i’ve used on my S1 Plus.

The issue is that when trying to start a print , it seems to miss the 1st few lines of code , it says its printing but doing nothing , then returns to the home spot saying completed . (it wont even print the “cat” as supplied on the SD card)
I have had it print a couple of items , but its been exceptionally sporadic and taken hours of repeated trying different things to just chance it . (have pre heated bed and noozle, turned it on and off , re leveled the bed etc etc)
I’m using the recommended software and again swapping between the SE and the Plus, the Plus works but the SE doesnt. Though i dont think its the software i use on my PC’s, i do think theres a firmware glitch on the SE .

Please advise , at this moment in time i believe it should be replaced . I’ve wasted hours and hours trying to get it to work , yet my S1 Plus i have no problems with at all .

Has anyone else had a similar problem ?

I’ve had to order a 2nd SE in the interim until its resolved as i do like the machine and its efficiency in general .

Thanks Nick

I have the same problem. it worked for a couple of prints by now does as you described. Did you ever get a response or solution?


I’ve finally had a response , but no solution at all .
I even bought another SE a week wednesday ago as i need to get stuff printed ASAP , they’ve still not shipped it . So i suspect that now i’ve heard from you that they actually have a bit of an issue with this model .
I’m managing to sporadically get a print out of mine , but its taking hours of false starts to get it going .
Thanks for your reply, its very much appreciated as i thought i was alone with this issue .

Also, once you do get the bed leveled dont re level it .
If the program doesnt run as it should , try turning off the printer and switching it back on and scroll right to the program you wish to use . I’m having more wins with this method but its a pretty crap work around that still doesnt always work. But after days of tying to get parts off it and trying repeatedly , its the way i’ve had the “best” results with .
The printer is a nice printer and quicker than my Ender 3 Plus and i’m getting nicer quality prints off it , but its a PITA that needs to be addressed ASAP and much faster official support response would be appreciated .

It is recommended to record a video focusing on the proper position of the CR- touch probe.

I only have a 10min video of the machine getting confused re the touch probe https://youtu.be/uZqN0MgRbnk . The printer doesnt live on my pc case btw. Was just easier to deal with videoing .
And a video of the actual problem https://youtu.be/nZ0lIf_zmNo

Please be patient, an engineer has been arranged to troubleshoot the problem.

It is recommended to contact the official after-sales service.


Which problem please ? The bed leveling , the program not running , the firmware upgrade not loading or me ordering a 2nd V3 SE and it still not been posted after 9 days of waiting and sending emails asking whats going on and when is it going to be delivered as its now past its due delivery date ?

Is there a problem with any of the above thats not been acknowledged ?



:joy: I am very sorry. Feedback has been given on your issue and I will keep you informed of the outcome.

It is a problem of not reading the card, customer service will contact later, please be patient.

Is there any news about the successful resolution of the problem? I have the same troubles after two weeks of use. It looks like firmware problems, but it is not possible to flash the firmware - the printer ignores any sd card. I tried to print through the USB-C, it turned out successfully twice, but this method also stopped working.
Please, help!

Have you tried turning on “PLA preheating” in the “preparation” menu, just before printing? For me, turning on printing without pre-heating causes setting the target temperature to 0 degrees and waiting forever.
This error did not occur in version 1.01

A real time saver would be if you would post the parameters of the v3 se
e-steps, acceleration, velocity, etc.
after the last update, all is out of whack.
please make a pdf of the proper settings. Cura is different from creality print

Hi there Collin, I’m having the same problems as the other person if somebody could contact me I would be great I’ve had this issue basically from the start I even sent it back and he sent me back the same machine so I figured as a reason so I kept it and support kept giving me to do some stuff but I didn’t understand what they meant and instead today did just didn’t work and then all of a sudden they stop replying. So if you think you can help I would truly appreciate it thank you very much happy holidays

like nick i have messed up display and now it shows a frozen blue
screen.How do I get the printer back to original condition? Can I get
another mem.card to just plug in and go.

good luck getting any help from them, I’ve been trying since october when they unloaded this turd on me, and all I ever got was the patened creality run around, without the reach around. I would have loved to see it work, just once anyway. NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF CROOKS !!!

“SNICKER” you should see what I did to mine