Ender 3 v3 SE Support

I recently recieved my Ender 3 v3 SE (i already have an Ender 3 S1 Plus btw).
I’ve been constantly struggling to get it to print since opening the box . Its as though its got a software issue. I downloaded the printers bin file with a view to reflash the printer but it wont even read the file on the SD card , i have tried several SD cards inc the original and used ones i’ve used on my S1 Plus.

The issue is that when trying to start a print , it seems to miss the 1st few lines of code , it says its printing but doing nothing , then returns to the home spot saying completed . (it wont even print the “cat” as supplied on the SD card)
I have had it print a couple of items , but its been exceptionally sporadic and taken hours of repeated trying different things to just chance it . (have pre heated bed and noozle, turned it on and off , re leveled the bed etc etc)
I’m using the recommended software and again swapping between the SE and the Plus, the Plus works but the SE doesnt. Though i dont think its the software i use on my PC’s, i do think theres a firmware glitch on the SE .

Please advise , at this moment in time i believe it should be replaced . I’ve wasted hours and hours trying to get it to work , yet my S1 Plus i have no problems with at all .

Has anyone else had a similar problem ?

I’ve had to order a 2nd SE in the interim until its resolved as i do like the machine and its efficiency in general .

Thanks Nick

I have the same problem. it worked for a couple of prints by now does as you described. Did you ever get a response or solution?


I’ve finally had a response , but no solution at all .
I even bought another SE a week wednesday ago as i need to get stuff printed ASAP , they’ve still not shipped it . So i suspect that now i’ve heard from you that they actually have a bit of an issue with this model .
I’m managing to sporadically get a print out of mine , but its taking hours of false starts to get it going .
Thanks for your reply, its very much appreciated as i thought i was alone with this issue .

Also, once you do get the bed leveled dont re level it .
If the program doesnt run as it should , try turning off the printer and switching it back on and scroll right to the program you wish to use . I’m having more wins with this method but its a pretty crap work around that still doesnt always work. But after days of tying to get parts off it and trying repeatedly , its the way i’ve had the “best” results with .
The printer is a nice printer and quicker than my Ender 3 Plus and i’m getting nicer quality prints off it , but its a PITA that needs to be addressed ASAP and much faster official support response would be appreciated .

It is recommended to record a video focusing on the proper position of the CR- touch probe.

I only have a 10min video of the machine getting confused re the touch probe https://youtu.be/uZqN0MgRbnk . The printer doesnt live on my pc case btw. Was just easier to deal with videoing .
And a video of the actual problem https://youtu.be/nZ0lIf_zmNo

Please be patient, an engineer has been arranged to troubleshoot the problem.

It is recommended to contact the official after-sales service.


Which problem please ? The bed leveling , the program not running , the firmware upgrade not loading or me ordering a 2nd V3 SE and it still not been posted after 9 days of waiting and sending emails asking whats going on and when is it going to be delivered as its now past its due delivery date ?

Is there a problem with any of the above thats not been acknowledged ?



:joy: I am very sorry. Feedback has been given on your issue and I will keep you informed of the outcome.

It is a problem of not reading the card, customer service will contact later, please be patient.