Ender 3D pro 4.2.7 install issues

I bought this from a neighbor who moved away. I bought a CR touch to level the board and discovered the 1.1.4 board, so I bought a 4.2.7 Creality board from Amazon. I installed it and then downloaded :

Ender-3 Series Touchscreen firmware (Excect Ender-3Max) 08 Mar. 2021
Ender-3 pro 4.2.7 mainboard firmware (32 bit) 16 Jan. 2021

I’m not sure I did it right. I put the folders on the SD card and even copied the English file outside of the firmware file but my screen is showing Chinese… I don’t read Chinese. And I started to install the CR Touch before I realized the board I had was 8 bit ancient. Can someone walk me through the process? Thanks

Okay, I didn’t get approved for a while because I’m new but I found a solution here
Chinese to English . From what I can tell it’s for the 4.2.7 version. Not sure about the 4.2.2

Hopefully, that helps anyone with the same issue. I’m still unsure about the upgrades but it says Ender Pro ready so I guess it’s good. I looked at the machine specs and it has 4.2.2 on them… which is why I’m not sure I did this correctly.