Ender 3S1 beginnt mit Druck ca 8mm über dem Druckbett

Der Ender 3S1 sollte einen Druck wiederholen und beginnt nach dem Neustart ca 8 mm über dem Druckbett zu drucken.

Was ist das Problem?

Hi @Ender3s1, welcome to the forums.

I am not familiar with the S1 but I would recommend re-leveling your bed to ensure you have a fully level bed and calibrated correctly.

This video should hopefully help you with leveling the bed if you are having issues.
Ender 3 S1 Pro ‘Automatic’ Bed Leveling In 3 Simple Steps

Good luck and hope you get it working properly soon!

Danke ; Nicoli;
Das Bett ist Nivelliert durch die Automatik und sehr gerade und eben.

Die Nozzle ist aber immer ca 8mm über dem Bett.

You’re welcome @Ender3s1

When leveling the bed and setting the Z offset it needs to be done manually using the AUX option in the leveling options. Once you have gone around the bed 3 times checking all the corners to make sure they are all correct you can then run the automatic bed leveling. You must do the AUX leveling and Z offset before Auto Leveling otherwise the printer will not know where the bed is or what height its at.

Once you have done the AUX leveling and set your Z offset you should find the printer will start in the correct place. Be sure to follow at the steps in the video I posted a link to :slight_smile:

Hallo Nikoli;

an der email ist kein link angehängt.

Was bedeutet AUX levelling?

In my post above you will see some blue/purple text, that is a link to a video showing bed leveling.

There is a Creality After Sales video which shows you how to properly level the bed on an Ender 3 S1. AUX leveling is when you level the bed with a sheet of paper and adjust the screws to the correct position. Once done you can then run the auto leveling.

I would recommend following this video below as its the official Creality After Sales demonstration video which shows all the steps required when setting up the bed.