Ender 5 newby sponge-like print

Hello all

Purchased an Ender 5 plus with micro Swiss NG

Tried everything but all my prints come out as sponges.

Need help !

The bed is leveled to 0.03 max offset across the table. I cannot get it more perfect.

I am using crealty print to slice

I have the retraction set to 1 mm as per micro Swiss NG

I tried a cold pull, nothing was jammed

I need help !!!

When I first fitted a microswiss NG I had change the e-steps. Then I upgraded to a Sonic Pad and had to change the rotational distance instead. Retraction distance should be fine at 1.0, mine is lower at 0.8. I lower the maximum retraction count from a 100 to 20, helps stop gnawing at the same spot on the filament.

Can’t view your video but I am reckoning under-extrusion.