Ender 5 plus + 4.2.7 motherboard + sonic pad

hi both, i’m a rookie of the 3D print world… i’ve an ender 5 plus and i must change the MPB with the 4.2.7 motherboard because the old one stopped to work… than i decided to do an improvement and i bought the Creality Sonic pad… could you please let me know where i can find a config file in order to use all the stuff together?
many tks for your kindly reply… please help me!

Was pretty much plug and play for me, connect the printer by USB, the Sonic Pad flashes the printer and control of the printer goes to the Sonic Pad. I have mine hardwired to the LAN but it can connect by WiFi.

ciao, and tks, but i changed the motherboard with a new one : creality V4.2.7 that’s not properly engineered for 5 plus. i must do some adjustment in order to install it. at the end i did it but if i choose the ender 5 plus onto the pad (connected via USB) it doesn’t works…

Hi you need to adjust the pins on steppers etc with the ones required for the 4.2.7 board into the ender 5 printer.cfg.

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Hi, can you share how you managed to get the Ender 5 Plus working with the 4.2.7 motherboard. I’ve recently damaged mine (probably) and I’m about to switch. From factory I had 4.2.2, bought 4.2.7 cause it was easier to get. I’m not worried about physical connection cause my both Z axis were joined under one connector from factory. Just unsure what software to flash it with and if I will need to update the screen software too?