Ender 5 Pro bltouch right margin

I have just purchased an Ender 5 max which includes the bltouch , however when calibrating the printer head does not move fully to the right and is approx 50 mm (red line) from the edge whereas on the left the head is correctly distanced from the edge. This makes the (green) center line offset.

Is there a way to edit the right hand margin when calibrating without having to reflash the software as I’m not comfortable with doing that especially as its still under warranty


image (3)

Due to the touch sensor being offset to one side its normal for the printer to probe closer to the left edge than the right edge. You will probably find that the distance from the probe to the right edge of your hotend is around 50mm. You can usually adjust the probe offset in the printer settings menus but its usually pre-configured in the firmware.

If you want to update the firmware its usually very straightforward and wont effect your warranty as firmware updates are part of the product support and updates.

Firmware and the instruction manual for the printers can be found here:
Creality Downloads

If your printer is printing ok without issues then you probably won’t need to change anything or even update the firmware :slight_smile: