Ender-5 pro filament feed issue

The motor that feeds the filament thru the blue tube is turning the wrong direction. Clockwise, pulling the filament out instead of pushing it towards the extruder…

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I would check the connector wires to the extruder motor. Maybe they need to be reversed…??
Did you change anything or add a new extruder…

I bought the Ender-5 two years ago. Used it for a year and put it away. Pull it back out and updated the firmware. Good news…the CR-touch now works, but the filament feeder motor was pulling the filament out…not in. I read where someone else was having the same problem after updating firmware to the most recent. He went back a few updates and it corrected it. I started to do that but now have The Blue Screen of Death. Back in the closet it went! Went to MicroCenter and bought an Ender-3 S1. Haven’t put it together yet.

Read that some feeder motors can be wired in reverse, switching it round might get it to work.

I was reading in a Reddit thread where the firmware could also cause the problem…

Above my pay grade but one suggestion was to edit the firmware code:


and now I’m having trouble with leveling the bed on the Ender-3. I thought auto leveling took away the paper leveling. The Z-offset tuning just makes it more complicated!