Ender 5 Pro won't connect to PC via USB

My Ender 5 Pro will not connect to my PC via USB.
Info from “About Printer”:
Software Version
Hardware 4.2.2

Recently installed the CRTouch bed leveler and updated the firmware to the version shown above.

When plugging in the USB (using a known-good cable) the PC makes no sound whatsoever indicating a connection, failed or otherwise, and no additional COM ports show up in Pronterface.

If the printer is powered off when plugging in the USB, the screen comes on and it appears that the printer is booting up, but still no connection to the PC occurs.

Any insights would be appreciated, thanks.

Possibly the usb is disabled in the firmware it’s been a long time since I’ve built or used it. But I think there is options to turn on and off com ports and host options

OK, thanks, I’ll check.