Ender 5 S-1 with sonic pad and PEI plate

Just started using the PEI plate with pla+ and I can not get it to stick. what am I doing wrong? I tried the Creality slicer and Creality printer software. is there something else I should use that is better?


Can you give a little more information please?

Bed temp and wait time from reaching temp to starting print.

Nozzle size.

Nozzle temp.

All bottom layer information settings.

Z offset.

How you clean bed, what you use to clean.

Print speed.

The more information you can share, the better we can help.

Creality Print or Slicer are perfectly good. Your Z offset is key to all good prints, then temperatures. A clean bed is probably next, I use dish soap and water followed by isopropyl alcohol, I have tried acetone but it is a little aggressive on PEI, managed to destroy a print plate with it.

no idea it works with the regular pad just cant get anything to stick on the pei pad

I tried all of that still cant get it to stick to the pei pad. it works on the stock one that came with the machine though. go figure.

Have you tried glue sticks, I have one build plate that works best with it, the rest don’t. Don’t know why, same build plate as the V3 SE perhaps it is because my V3 KE is in a cold damp shed.

what do you mean glue sticks?


Glue sticks