Ender 5 s1 black out

New 3d printer caused black out

Hello. I’m an industrial designer and I bought a 3d print to print my prototypes. I bought creality 5 s1. I’m not familiar with putting together 3d printers at all. However I am sure nothing went wrong cause i doubled checked everything. The cables are correct. Everything seems fine. Yesterday I turned it on and it would turn on. I put my first 3d model to print. No filament is coming out. I am worried I pushed the filament through the filament plastic cable way too much (if that is even possible) and filament was not pushing through at all when i set it to print. Even though the mechanism for the filament pushing seemed to work correctly (the light was on and it was making some weird sounds idk don’t ask me). I made a mark with a pen on the filament and it was not moving. 3d printer temperature was around 210 just fine for the pla I bought and also everything else in the settings of the printer seemed correct. I take out the screws to open the box that filament is supposed to push through o see what’s wrong inside. I plug it once more and house black out. Please enlighten me with your knowledge thank you.

Are you sure you pushed the filament in enough? Before doing the print did you try to extrude material? Until the filament catches on the extruder wheels it won’t feed to the hotend.

@Bonfireman I know there is always emphasis in the user manual on ensuring the correct 110/240v setting on the power supply. Perhaps a dumb question but does anyone know what the consequence is if this setting isn’t selected properly? Home with 110V using 240v vs home with 240v using 110v setting.

I’m wondering if it’s a possibility that a machine trying to pull 240 on a 110V home would trip a breaker?

Seems unlikely though that it would be OPs problem given that the machine appeared to be functioning at some level for a time, however I think one could easily make that mistake if said person had no experience with these machines.

Yet, I agree that (power issues aside) it sounds like the filament hasn’t been fed through the extruder and into the nozzle completely as you’ve stated.

  • Correction to my previous post.

The power options are 115 and 230. See attached image from my Ender-5 S1.

Because my Ender-5 S1 is currently under repair, I’m able to easily provide photos. To help with the post from @Bonfireman I am including a photo to show how the white PTFE plastic tube can be pulled back and the filament can be fed into AND through the extruder gears with one hand while pressing the tension lever down with your other hand to allow filament to slide further down into the nozzle. VERY important!!

In this second photo, I have taken apart my extruder to show how the filament must be fed down through the gears. You can see how the filament would come out the bottom of the extruder with enough length to bottom out in the hotend nozzle.


Thank you so much for help. Apparently the printer is working fine today. Filament comes out too everything is working like normal. I’m assuming there was something wrong with the electricity in my house or that plug in particular. Thank you so much

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From what I know you can plug a 230V appliance into a 115V socket but it fails safe, can’t draw enough current, only one “hot” wire. The other way around and it is likely to fry, I think two “hot” wire (live and neutral can be interposed but not recommended). Simple rule is double check the voltage setting on any device whether made for Europe or America, just check it, takes a second or so to do, its not difficult.

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