Ender 5 S1 Firmware V1.0.7 Will not complete auto leveling and gets com errors?

My E5 S1 was having some major issues printing anything. I updated the firmware on both the display and the main board to V1.0.7. This fixed the printing problem but now the auto leveling fails every time it gets to the back left corner position and it has shutdown on communication errors multiple times. Sometimes while pre heating. Other times after the print has started.

Is this a known glitch? should I go to V1.0.6 instead? The original was V1.0.5

I should note, I am running through a Raspberry Pi 4B with Octo print. The error shutdown response is disabled(Ignore) in the Behaviour tab.

I went back to V1.0.5 firmware and the Auto Leveling works now. It still prints well, when it prints at all. I keep getting E06 error and the machine has to be power cycled. I have checked every cable connection twice and looked for frayed/cut wires. All looks good. It seems like, if the print starts, it runs fine. The errors seem to occur in the warm up or nozzle purge. If it makes it to start the skirt, all goes well from there. At least so far.

Any ideas?

I would recommend contacting the support team via email or facebook and relay to them the error message you are seeing, they may be able to offer a solution to rectify the issue.

Crickets, so far

Bear with them if you have emailed, they get bombarded daily by emails. If you can use the live chats either in the Creality app or on the Facebook support page as they are usually quicker than email.