Ender 5 s1 +sonic pad problem need help

Hi im having a problem with my ender 5 s1 with sonic pad. I went through setup and started a print of a Calibration cube. I downloaded the file with the sonic pad through the creality cloud. Printing starts and Whenever it gets to about 25% i get a error saying invalid speed in G1 F0 X105. 121 Y100.2 E331.32477.
Can anyone help me out with this. Thanks

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Got the same problem and no idea what i’ve done.

I’ve had no luck with this cloud app. I got everything working with cura and uploaded file’s from there. Prints fine with file’s from thingiverse. Cant get anything to print frome creality and thangs slicing those files through cura and so far everything Fails to printer dosen’t matter if you uploaded wireless or with a USB.