I’m having a problem with the x axis motor.(ERROR E202) When I press the autohome button, I get vibration and sound from the extruder part. This problem disappears when I remove and reconnect the x-motor and switch cable.
When I start a new print, it does not give an error, but the x motor starts to work incorrectly during calibration and goes back and forth on the same axis.

I checked the cables, checked the motor and updated the software. what should I do?


I see you have had the Cat Scan so I can’t make any suggestions on that front. :smiley:

Is it the limit switch I wonder?

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I consulted my dealer and we determined that the fault was in the cable. I cut the switch and motor cable where there was no contact and made an additional connection, but the problem was not solved. There are probably other breaks on the cable and my curious cat is responsible :slight_smile: I will find and buy a new motor-switch cable and try it.