Ender S1 Pro Leveling Issues

Does anyone else have the same issue where the print is uneven even after multiple manual leveling/auto leveling?
It has been a while since I used my printer, and this was the reason why I gave up in the first place. I have spent days trying to fix my leveling issue. I have printed a mesh leveling test, and some of them are too far from the bed or some are too squished.

The other thing I was wondering is: “M420 S1 Z10 ; Use saved Bed Mesh” Do I still have to use this, or is this default now?

I’m having the same issue. I get it either too high off the bed or too low. I have to have the bed all the way up to come even close. I thought auto leveling tells the printer exactly where the bed is and adjusts the print to work???

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Mostly yes, it will know where the bed is but to optimise things you may have to adjust the Z offset by ±0.05/0.1mm

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Auto leveling results will not be taken automatically into account. You have to explicitly define that in your start g-code with “M420 S1”.