Ender S1 Pro Leveling Issues

Does anyone else have the same issue where the print is uneven even after multiple manual leveling/auto leveling?
It has been a while since I used my printer, and this was the reason why I gave up in the first place. I have spent days trying to fix my leveling issue. I have printed a mesh leveling test, and some of them are too far from the bed or some are too squished.

The other thing I was wondering is: “M420 S1 Z10 ; Use saved Bed Mesh” Do I still have to use this, or is this default now?

I’m having the same issue. I get it either too high off the bed or too low. I have to have the bed all the way up to come even close. I thought auto leveling tells the printer exactly where the bed is and adjusts the print to work???

Mostly yes, it will know where the bed is but to optimise things you may have to adjust the Z offset by ±0.05/0.1mm