Ender v3 ke not booting no screen either

only had it a week been printing fine but went to turn it on today the fan comes on but nothing else. no homing no touch sensor light filament sensor is flickering faintly screen not coming on i have checked all the wiring it looks good and have the correct voltage selected any ideas?

Seems to me like a power supply issue.

Have you tried unplugging fully and turning it on to try and fully discharge the capacitors it will prob take a while. Please don’t open the power supply unless you know what you are doing as the capacitors can still do you some hurt if not fully discharged,

Turn the power over to the other voltage and then back just to make sure it’s fully seated at the correct place potentially it’s moved slightly over with the vibrations of the printer but not noticeable at first look

Just a guess but it’s a good starting point. Do you have a multimeter to hand

Power supply is fine screen does not power up unless I connect it to my laptop via usb c but ribbon connection is good.