Ender3 v2 with sprite with sprite extruder and sonic pad

Hi Expert! I have an ender 3 v2 with a sprite extruder. My problem is when I plug my crealty sonic pad and do the initial setup, I go as far as the mesh calibration it starts, and the BL TOUCH goes to the far left corner outside the bed then the hot end hits the bed forcing me to manually turning off the printer.
Any help would be great

Hi @aldi1502 and welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear you are having issues with the Sonic Pad and E3 V2. It sounds like you need to configure the bed boundaries within the Sonic Pad. I haven’t used one myself but I think you have to set the correct dimensions and co-ordinates of the bed to make the probe remain on the bed. I have had to do the same with my E3 V2 that is running Klipper.

If you home all the axis and set the X and Y axis to 0 and then using the sonic pad move the printhead until it sits over the bed. You should then see the co-ordinates of the nozzle position on the Sonic Pad which should help you dial in the correct parameters for the printer.

I have just had a look around online and found this video that should hopefully have some tips and tricks on how to calibrate the Sonic Pad and set the machine limits so that the printer behaves itself.

Creality Sonic Pad Setup Guide, Review, Slicer Settings

Good luck and hope you get it all dialed in soon!