Ender7 ... Bowden Cable size?

OK, I should have known better, but …

Can anyone tell me what size of bowden tubing I need for an Ender7? There is no info anywhere I can find.

Hello @oldflyer2…! Welcome to the forum… :airplane:

I believe it would take the standard size for 1.75 filament…

4mm OD
1.95 - 2.00 mm ID

Creality Bowden Tubing

Thank You for that info. I just got this as a used machine with no info with it and trying to sort some things out.

Here’s a link to the manual and firmware on the Creality site if you haven’t seen it yet:

Link for Creality Ender 7 Manual and info

Thanks for that. I looked through the manual and didn’t see anything. Something tells me this printer will not be around here long.