Engrave/Cutting Thickness Of Basswood 5MM


I have to engrave and cut the same 5mm piece of wood.
For engraving, my laser is at a certain height, then I have to lower it to cut 5 mm.
If I understand correctly, I can do these 2 operations in 1 if the wood is 3 mm thick.
So for 5 mm, I have to engrave, stop the laser, lower the laser with the wedge and cut my piece of wood.

Thank you for your answers.
I’ve never cut yet, only engraved paper, cardboard and a few slates.

You shouldn’t have to adjust the laser to cut 5mm wood, it can be done at the same height, you just need to slow the laser down and increase the power. If you use Lightburn, you can add this in program. Make sure you do the engraving first and then the cut.

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Thank you 3D4Everyone,

I cut the 5 mm basswood at 100 % power and 400 mm/min in lightburn and set my laser with the shim that comes with the Falcon 22 W.

So I have to position the laser in engraving mode and for the 5mm cut, decrease the speed, the power is at maximum, I can’t increase it.

Maybe I need to make 2 passes for cutting ?

Should be able to do it in one cut, slow it down to 200 mm/min or even 100 .

One issue that I’ve found when cutting wood is that if you slow it down too much, you increase the risk of the wood catching fire which is NOT a good thing. My personal preference is to increase the number of passes to avoid this.

You should be running a material test whenever you are trying to debug issues like this. Lightburn has a built-in test under Laser Tools > Material Test. There are a ton of YT videos on configuring this. You can also create your own tests even if you aren’t using Lightburn. I often just cut several 1cm squares at different settings to determine the optimal numbers to use for the material that I’m using.

BTW, you might get a better response to your posts on the Falcon if you put them directly in the Creality Falcon forum.