EOF error code on Ender 5S1

I am relatively new to 3 D printing and bought my Ender 5 S1 about 3 months ago. I was printing ASA filament when the hot end plugged up. I replaced the hot end and tried some prints but they were not sticking to the PEI plate.I made several attempts an adjusting my z axis but now I get the EOF error.
Does anyone know the troubleshooting techniques for this error code?
Rich R

Hello @amtrack5899 :wave: and Welcome to the Creality Forum…!Creality

After doing some reading about this error it sounds like others were having problems with a serial cable or USB not connecting well or getting loose…?

Using a shielded cable helped some.

Not sure if this is helpful or not. Just throwing it out there to check… :thinking:

I just turned the printer back on and now the bed will heat but the hot end will not. I get the E07 error. At this point I guess I’ll check all of the connections and the screw at the bottom of the hot end. Any advice in trouble shooting would be greatly appreciated. I am also thinking of cleaning out the old hot end , reinstalling it to see if the alarms go away.
Please advise
Rich R