Experiences with Creality Laser’s Customer Service…

have had two. First one came about from my ordering and receiving the Falcon 2 40 watt.
There was an over shipment on the initial order (they sent an extra Air Assist package, as well as extra pair of safety glasses). I informed them. They responded that the warehouse had made the mistake and to just go ahead and keep the over shipment (retails for around $100). Set off a red flag for me. $100 mistakes sting.
The second contact is for equipment malfunction. Six weeks after receiving the laser the Air Assist stopped functioning. I sought assistance through the forums first. Great suggestions to fix the problem, but none of them hit the target.
I contacted CS through live chat. They took the information. Had me take some pictures/video (Friday, 12/22/23). Got the process started, but not much help with the problem. Techies do not work weekends. They informed me that the Techie would get a hold of me via email Christmas Day. Didn’t get it till the day after.
They contacted me the following Tuesday (12/26/23). We go thru the technicalities. The recommendations they have me perform. Pretty much what the forum’s had advised. I followed all the requests. He came back with the diagnosis that the air pump was at fault.
I informed them that the original air pump was functioning. I detached the supply hose from the top of the laser module. Plenty of air being delivered. I had the brand new Air Assist package they had over shipped. I hooked that up to the laser. No luck.
Their solution was to ship a new Air Supply unit. I already have two that are functioning. 15 days to ship, and a week going through the hoops. For me, three weeks for a warranty repair is insane. We are using this laser for a business.
We put a side hustle together to supplement our quickly eroded retirement grubstake. Put quite the hitch in the old giddy up.
I am doubtful on the bad pump diagnosis (I did notice that Creality’s Air Assist kits are out of stock on their web site). Does a misdiagnosis mean a few more weeks of interruption?
Just blowing off steam. Anyone else have a horror story, or a pleasant interaction with Customer Service?

I must say that I was lucky. I didn’t get any issue with the CR-10s I bought a couple years ago, and none so far with my Falcon 2 22w.
I however remember sending an email asking for info about max temp the CR-10s stock nozzle could reach but never got any response.
I cross my fingers I don’t get any issues.
Good luck on yours!

…and thanks for sharing!

I purchased Falcon 2 22w and could select up to 3 gifts i did tis but after checkout it said I had 1 gift . I contacted immediately and a couple of days later got fobbed off with £15 voucher instead of good valued at £69. I have been here before, send video send pic, send receipt where did you purchase send video round and round so I gave up on more than 1 occasion . I have spent a lot at Creality but can never seem to sign in to same account. to top it all after spending all that on my Falcon, its like you made a £5.99 purchase. And my voucher never worked LOL