Extruder mounting bolt broken (Warranty)

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I am new around here.
I have purchased a Creality K1 Max and from the word go had a problem with the printer I think I had two or three completed prints that did not came out well since I received the printer. So, I did contact the supplier where I purchased it from, and they advise I need to send it in for repairs. That came to a shock to me but did not have a choice apparently. So, I did send it away.
The supplier then came back and told me all sorted and even send me videos where they are printing some small designs.
Received the printer back with the report stating the extruder was faulty.
So, I am happy the problem was resolved, and start printing and the same thing happening again. First layer not good skipping layers and the print looks bad, and some prints did not complete at all. So, I decided to investigate myself, remove the extruder and opened it up and found that the one extruder gear mounting bolt was broken. I went back to them and now they tell me it’s not covered anymore as I disassembled the extruder and identified the problem they couldn’t. So, my question is every single time I get filament jamming in the extruder or whatever reason for the rest of the warranty period I need to send the printer away for removing filament that got stuck between the extruder gears, I as the user are not allowed to remove the extruder to clean it as it will affect the warranty. Is there anyone from Creality that can give me a clear answer regarding this matter.
Thank you, guys, in advance.

Hi @RazerKZN and welcome to the forums!

It sounds like the supplier is messing you around for no good reason. There is no need to send your printer away. Instead contact customer support at Creality and explain the situation, they will likely send you out a replacement kit for you to install.

You can contact support either via live chat in the Creality app or by emailing cs@creality.com

I agree with @Nikoli about your supplier. I don’t think they even looked at the extruder and are giving you the run around.

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Hi Nikoli

Thank you for your assistance. I will send them a mail.

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