Extruder or configuration issue

Following a resent upgrade of the firmware to Ver, I decided to reprint one of the sample files using the supplied sample of Creality PLA+. I chose the highspeed test and noticed what seems like an extruder issues. From what I can tell watching the gcode viewer, the issue seems to be on layer changes. I should add that this test printed perfectly when I originally set up the printer a few months ago.

Video of issue:

Since this is Creality provided gcode, I don’t have much control over the slicer configuration.

Any thought on how to resolve this issue?

Thanks, Bill

Hello @Bill_Whitney

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I don’t know really what caused that but after each firmware change they recommend you run the “self check” in the printer menu. Try that and see.

Also will it print anything else ok…?

Hi @Bill_Whitney and welcome to the forums.

Can you please double check which filament you were using. The printers dont usually ship with a spool of PLA+, they usually ship with a roll of Hyper PLA. If you are attempting to do the speed test with PLA+ instead of Hyper PLA then this would explain why the printer is not extruding correctly.

I would also recommend calibrating your retraction settings to ensure that the printer is retracting and deretracting the filament correctly. There should be a test for retraction in most slicers.

I would also recommend checking your Pressure Advance settings to see if they have changed at all, usually the default setting for PA is 0.04.

Thanks @jimandyen and @Nikoli, You are correct, It was the white Hyper PLA I used and both “Self Check” test were competed after the update. I have since downgraded to the prior release and did a factory reset and still have the same issue so it was not the firmware upgrade. Apparently something has changed since I got the printer. I’ll investigate the PA setting and do some more testing on retraction settings. Normal speed prints look fine other than a few small filament blobs on the initial layer which I had not noticed before.


Nice image, I zoomed in and noticed the print looks like you put a texture to the walls, all my speed tests are smooth and you can see each layer line from the bottom to the top. On your image there doesn’t appear to be any lines just gobs. I ask for the STL for the speed test, when they quit laughing they hung up.

I am not sure which slicer you are using but you should be able to generate a max flow rate test model which will allow you to test what the maximum speed of the filament is. Orcaslicer and I believe Creality Print should have the maximum flowrate tests.

Here is the speed test stl if you need it…

High speed testing.STL (71.0 KB)

I ended up removing the extruder and cleaning the gears. There was some debris in it cuasing rough gear engagement. After reinstalling that and trying some different generic filament, it seems the issue is resolved!

Thanks for all the suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thats great news Bill, glad you were able to resolve the issue :slight_smile:

wait for it…