Extruder Temperature too low issue

Hello, so I’m new to 3d printing. I got the ender 3 max neo. I have set the parameters to the manual adjusted the nozzle and bed heat to the filament settings. Im loading the basic files , then went to preheat the PLA. Everytime I do though I’m getting an extruder temperature too low pop up everytime. Not sure what the issue is, as I said I’m new. Looking for some help and a direction to go, before I start doing things I shouldn’t.

Hi @3Dideaguy and welcome to the forums.

I would recommend checking to see if there is a voltage selection switch on your printer and if so ensure that the switch is in the correct position for your region.

I am new too and used it for 1 month. Recently the same temp alerts stops the work dozens of times. Setting up the nozzle temp again too 200 the work does not quite continue from where left and the piece wasted and stopped till next alert comes in 5 min.
Voltage correct here. Opened the printhead and foudn the 2 attachement screws loose but this did not rectify the temp matter. Help!