Extruding on one side of bed only?

My husband has a CR-10 Smart printer. Recently, it has been not wanting to extrude filament on one side of the bed. JUST THE ONE SIDE. It won’t extrude -anything- on the left side of the bed during a print, but has absolutely zero issues on the right side. What can we do to fix this issue? Do we need to replace parts?

He’s been trying to fix it, but we don’t know what the issue is.

We do NOT have a filament dryer, but it is in the plans. However, it’s doing this even with brand new out of the seal filament so we really do not think it’s because the filament is moist.

Does it just stop extruding or stop adhering? The latter might be a broken heater bed. The former I have no idea.

It’s just not extruding on that side for whatever reason.

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Is the filament binding somehow when the extruder is on that side…? Make sure it is able to move freely…

When it is on that side do you hear any kind of unusual noise from the extruder or machine…?

No noises. Sorry, busy weekend at work and I didn’t get notified of any extra comments on this post.

He fixed the issue it was having, but is now having another issue where he can’t get his bed to level and has been trying everything under the sun that he’s found between YT, Reddit threads and some 3D printing FB groups and he can’t get it to level no matter what.

He actually specifically asked that I come here and see if anyone can help. :joy:

It’s a cr-10 smart 3d printer with a crc2405v1.2 board, on firmware version 1.0.10 (.14 is the newest.)

What was the cause for that mystery extrusion problem on one side of the bed only…??

Doesn’t the CR- 10 Smart auto level…?

He managed to fix it while I was at work, I have no clue what he did besides take the sensor apart and clean it really well then put it back together. I think he did something else, but I don’t know what it would be.

It does have an auto level, but it doesn’t seem to be totally accurate? So he’s doing it manually, and having issues. He’s -almost- there on it, just for whatever reason he can’t get it to level all the way across. He said he mostly wants to know if connecting the USB port and trying to update the firmware would be the right move?

I couldn’t tell you if updating the firmware would be the right move only that if you do update set the printer back to factory defaults and then update to make sure it works correctly. Not everyone does that but I’ve read that it’s a good idea…

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Alrighty I’ll let him know and let you know what happens! Thank you! :heart: