extrusion problem on ender5 S1

hello everyone, I currently have a problem with my ender5 S1 when I ask it to print, the extruder motor does not work (it does not turn), but when I heat it up and I ask it to extrude it does work (the engine is running).

I changed this engine and the problem persists… I don’t know what to do

hello mate,
Normally the problem is in the Flat cable from hotend to motherboard .
you need to buy a new one.

This is a common issue in this type of printers .

hope can helps.

ah ok… thank you for the info however this machine is less than 6 months old :(,
on the net I only find CR10 cables compatible with Ender5 S1, I hope it will do it,

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you can try print this holder:

If you make a little search , you find replace cables :

good day

thanks dude

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