Failing to Align Z Axis after installing BL Touch

My friend loaned me his printer to try out. This is my first time printing, and he had just upgraded 2 items without doing any test prints.
Creality CR10-S5
Upgraded with BL-Touch
Upgraded with Direct extruder

I think he updated Cura with some offsets or something. I didn’t see him do it, but he said I should be good to go.

My process:

  • Power On
  • Auto Home
  • Bed Leveling
    → Extruder is ~2mm above bed and I get spaghetti that is just extruding into space.

I don’t know how to set the home location to make it take. If I manually move it and try to “set home offsets”, it gives me “Err: Too Far”.
I have had some success with setting the Z offset, but it seems to be different each time.

I wound up fixing this by applying the appropriate Z Offset to the printer. This was confusing at first because you need to separately select ‘save settings’ on a different page after you enter the Z offset in order for it to take effect.


Glad you were able to work out the issue @BigCountry